S-Procurement is a label for an information system for the electronic procurement processes in the private and public sector.

The VORTAL/NEXTVision VORTAL Information System is globally recognised, operating in 39 countries across four continents. Endorsed by over 300,000 providers and 10,000 contracting authorities, it is a trusted and scalable solution. In Slovenia, it has attracted more than 2,400 users within five years, reflecting its ease of integration and utility. This innovative platform serves as a virtual marketplace, connecting thousands of buyers and authorities daily, thus fostering growth and development in an interconnected digital world.

The exclusive license for the marketing of S-Procurement information system services on the Slovenian market is held by the company S-Procurement d.o.o.


Connecting public and private contracting authorities with bidders through our 4.0 online procurement platform opens up opportunities for growth and development for businesses of all sizes. We understand that responsiveness is key.


Forum on topics related to public and private sector procurement.
In the FORUM, we bring together the most proactive players including private sector buyers, contracting authorities, and providers. This facilitates the exchange of experiences, the acquisition of new knowledge, and the provision of support and practical advice
On public procurement, public-private partnerships and procurement in the private sector.
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Institute for Public Private Partnership

Specialists for support in purchasing procedures
A multidisciplinary group of experts, specialising in areas such as law, economics, and project management, have come together under the auspices of the Institute. The institute has assembled a dynamic, professional, and inquisitive research team, fully equipped to tackle even the most challenging projects.
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The S-Procurement information system is intended for those who are aware that the procurement function today is a key role for company’s development and growth. The S-Procurement information system is intended only for selected groups:


For agile companies that want to:

  • Digitise their procurement processes,
  • Ensure better organisation of work and simpler review or control of operations,
  • Maintain a high level of legal security in conducting business operations.

To the contracting authorities who pursuant to applicable regulations are:

  • Obliged to use electronic means of communication in the implementation of public procurement procedures
  • Obliged to handle documentary material in digital form in such a way that accessibility, usability, integrity, authenticity and durability are ensured throughout its storage period;
  • Committed to promoting trust in the online environment in the interaction between citizens, businesses and public authorities in a way that ensures a high level of trust and security.


Developed under the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, the S-Procurement information system ensures seamless accessibility to all users via any web browser. This approach eliminates the need for additional maintenance or upgrade costs, providing an efficient and cost-effective solution for all.

The S-Procurement information system is a comprehensive tool designed to support buyers throughout the entire procurement lifecycle. From the initial stages of procurement planning to the final confirmation of delivery notes prior to payment, this system ensures seamless electronic communication and business operations. Key features include guided procurement process navigation, catalogue creation, individual request generation, and electronic contract management. Moreover, the system offers a high degree of adaptability, allowing for seamless customization of its features to align with existing procurement protocols and processes. Beyond these capabilities, S-Procurement’s design allows for its easy integration with a variety of business operations, creating a well-connected and streamlined workflow for the user.

The S-Procurement information system provides public contracting authorities with the capability to manage the entirety of public procurement procedures. This spans from the initial preparation of the decision to commence a procedure, through managing the procedure itself in accordance with any process type specified in Article 39 of the ZJN-3, all the way to the final awarding of the contract. The system streamlines these critical steps, ensuring a smooth and efficient procurement process. Moreover, the S-Procurement information system equips public contracting authorities with a suite of electronic procurement techniques and tools. This includes framework agreements, dynamic purchasing systems, and electronic catalogues, providing contracting authorities with a diverse set of resources to enhance their procurement processes. The information system also contains instruments for joint public procurement. The multi-user solution allows public contracting authorities to electronically create expert commissions and digitise the certification system, while providers create consortia and submit bids together.


The technical support team provides assistance to users in using the information system both via e-mail and over the phone. Comprehensive support is provided at all stages of the process, step by step.

A top team of experts provides personal advice in the implementation of procurement procedures. Familiarise yourself with all the functionalities it enables.

Ask questions and discuss them directly with your advisor.



The information system is designed according to the user-friendly solution principle. It is reflected in a number of functionalities that enable complete digitisation of the procurement process and automatic data processing in individual steps.

A variety of procurement procedures and a high degree of flexibility are ensured according to the wishes of the individual user.


The information system is certified according to the IS0 27001 standard (International Standard for Information Security), the ISO 9001 standard, the ISO 23001 standard, the ISO 20000 and ISO 20000-1 standards, and many others, which ensures a higher quality of service and a safer business.

The information system enables advanced electronic signatures supported by qualified digital certificates and qualified electronic signatures, including qualified remote electronic signatures. All qualified digital certificates that are included in the EU's trusted list are supported.


The S-Procurement information system is certified according to the RFC 3161 (Time Stamp) standard. A time stamp provides irrefutable confirmation that a document in digital form or other individual service existed at a certain point in time and that it has not changed during that time.

Data confidentiality is ensured by encryption of communications and databases. The latter is especially important for public contracting authorities, as it enables the free choice of the moment of data decryption and thus equal treatment of providers and transparent management of the public procurement process.